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SPORTS RENT has DISC GOLF discs for sale!

So what should I be shopping for?

You'll want a mix of stability in your disc golf bag. Overstable discs are great for throwing hyzer shots on dogleg left holes, long distance 'S' shots, overhand air shots or for holding a line into a headwind, understable for anhyzer shots on a dogleg right or for roller shots, and stable discs for navigating tight, straight fairways. As you gain experience and get to know how your discs fly under different circumstances, you'll want to experiment with additional discs and stabilities to see which ones fit your style and fill additional needs in your bag. Enjoy!


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If you only own one disc, this is it. The legendary Comet™ is a super accurate, straight flying approach disc.

The venerable Comet is like a favorite pair of old shoes: trustworthy and comfortable. Need to go 300 feet on a straight line?

Reach for a comet!

Disc Comet™
Line ESP
Class Midrange Driver
Stability Rating: 0.0
Weights to 180 gm
Best for All conditions
Notable Perhaps the best disc ever made. Super accurate from any distance.

"Comet" voted as a player's "Best First Disc" by Disc Golf Review


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We have a great selection of drivers, mid-range and putters.

Largest stock in Victoria and all at great prices. Pick up a new golf disc or frisbee today and join your friends for a fun round of disc golf. Anyone can play, if you can throw a frisbee you can play disc golf! The more you play the better you get. Gets tips from other disc golf players while on the course. Practice at home or in your local park.


Where to play disc golf in Victoria and the rest of BC:


Innova offers a plastic for every player and situation

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