Meet the SPORTS RENT crew!


Bill is the Owner/Manager of Sports Rent and has been running the show since the store was first opened in 1989. Bill has been a part of the sports industry for 48 years and has plenty of knowledge to show for it. An avid skier and part-time surfer, golfer and cyclist, Bill has just about seen and done it all. His past experiences include working at a ski resort for many years, being a ski instructor as well as a part-time heli ski guide. It’s safe to say that Bill has seen every ski trend come, go and then come back again.

Whether you’re looking to get your skis, bike or even tent poles fixed up, Bill is your guy. With probably the most extensive sports related workshop in Victoria, if you’ve got gear that’s needs repairing or you’re just missing a part, come talk to Bill. When he’s not in the workshop at Sports Rent, Bill is at home in his own workshop building hotrods.


Sarah is the other half of the ownership team and has been involved with Sports Rent for 24 years. Sarah has a background in the fitness industry, having taught aerobics classes back in its heyday as well as owned her own gym. Sarah has a passion for outdoor activity but especially enjoys skiing.
At Sports Rent, Sarah takes care of general operations with a primary focus on rentals, making sure that all of our largest rentals go flawlessly. Sarah enjoys helping other discover the joy of a new sport and when she’s not at work she is likely spending time with her two granddaughters!

Retail Manager

Brian is our Retail Manager and Boot Fitter Specialist. Brian has spent a lifetime working in the ski and bike industry; doing everything from owning and running his own store, boot fitting at ski resorts, and retailing and merchandizing in cities across Canada. As a lifelong skier, Brian has been involved in ski racing, coaching and instructing, as well as being involved in nordic and telemark skiing. When he wasn’t up on the mountain, Brian was either on his road or mountain bike, hiking, or out on the water kayaking, sailing or windsurfing.

As a professional boot fitter, Brian is the guy you want to talk to if you’re looking for new ski boots or need some adjustments made to your current boots. He’s also more than happy to chat with you about skis, bikes or anything else we carry in the store. If you’re looking for something specific from one of our brands that we may not have in store, talk to Brian as he can likely help you out. When he’s not redesigning our store, you can find Brian catching some live music or watching a Winnipeg Jets game.

Store Associate

Tomas started at Sports Rent in the winter of 2016 and is on his third spell working at the store after leaving to gain co-op work experience. A 4th year mechanical engineering student at UVIC, Tomas has experience working for Department of National Defense, a carbon capture and fuel synthesis start-up, and a jet engine maintenance and test facility. You know you’re in safe hands when Tomas is setting up your rental ski bindings.

Born and raised in Nanaimo, Tomas grew up skiing, mountain biking and surfing on the island. At the store, you’ll find Tomas out front either selling skis, working on bikes or chatting about surfing at Sombrio Beach. Fun fact about Tomas: he has a double jointed left thumb and is physically unable to cartwheel.

Store Associate

Tara joined the Sports Rent team at the end of summer 2018 and works part time while going to school for nursing. Hailing from Toronto, Tara grew up with outdoor sports and has a past in mountain biking and ski racing. Since moving to the west coast, Tara has also picked up surfing and heads up to Mount Washington when the snow is good. You can be sure that when Tara isn’t buried in homework, she’s out ripping on her mountain bike.