Our winter services shop is now OPEN!!  Bring your gear in to be tuned and ready for the upcoming season!

Please note that prices may change based on condition of equipment.

Prices effective November 10, 2023 and are subject to change without notice. 

Winter Services

Premium Tune – base grind, edge sharpen, minimal ptex and iron wax $70.00
Basic Tune – base grind, edge sharpen and belt wax $56.00
Kiddies Tune – 130 cm or less $45.00
Hot wax – iron $28.00
Buff wax – belt $15.00
Sharpen only $28.00
Base grind only $28.00
Binding adjustment – binding inspection and DIN setting $18.00
Torque test – includes binding adjustment $48.00
Alpine binding mount – with jig $50.00
Alpine binding remount – with jig $60.00
Alpine frame touring binding mount – with jig $66.00
Alpine touring binding mount – with jig $90.00
Track system binding mount $22.00
Snowboard binding mount $22.00
Repairs – see shop technician for quote($ 80 per hour shop labour)
Ski poles cut – per pair $10.00
Skate sharpening $10.00